LAT1 - Latino Staking Pool

Pool ID: e8e00995c7f3820fedf01e75a443c56e20f96ddcf9168b662ce2fdcd

Latino Staking Pool identified with ticker LAT1 is a competitive staking pool infrastructure, deployed in the Cardano ecosystem operated by our company Cardano Latino LLC which has been established in the state of Wyoming in the USA. We are a family team working hard and professionally from the time of the incentivized testnet (ITN), during the Haskell testnet (HTN) and now throughout the Shelley era, with the purpose of offering our delegates an efficient and competitive Staking Pool. We guarantee the effectiveness of our operation through: 

1- Operational redundancy: Hardware, software and communications in accordance with 99.99 uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement) offered by our virtual server provider on which we operate. 

2- Geographic redundancy: By distributing our servers in 3 computer centers located in 3 different cities in Germany.

3- Block producer node redundancy: With a second backup producer node operating and permanently connected to the Cardano network. Ready to be used when necessary to try to obtain 100% connectivity and operation. 

4- Operator redundancy: With two technically trained IT professionals working full time to offer technical support, maintenance, updates and improvement of the nodes.

Why delegate to LAT1?

1- Because we are as transparent as possible.

2- Because we are competitive.

We have configured a quality network of 4 Linux servers, in a world-class virtual server provider (Germany), with block producer backup redundancy, a monitoring and alarm system (Grafana and Prometheus) and following best practice recommendations from the awesome Cardano Staking Pool operators community and IOG, in regards to security and communications. We have 2 IT professionals working full time to ensure absolute coverage and maintenance of our pool. We are truly committed to running a competitive Staking Pool within the Cardano ecosystem. 

3- Because we are a team.

During the ITN (Incentivized Testnet) LAT1 was a personal effort of me, Jose Castro. The ITN experience taught me that if I wanted to be competitive with a quality pool, I needed to offer redundancy in every possible way. Understanding that it is impossible for a single person to offer absolute availability to respond to corrective situations because NOT everything can be automated, I decided that in order to guarantee an effective and permanent service it was necessary to have at least 2 people technically capable of maintaining and monitoring the Staking Pool. Before starting Shelley, I managed to engage my nephew Jaime Posada to the project, as a partner. He is an IT engineer much younger than me and he lives in Colombia, South America while I live in the South Florida area. Now we are 2 IT professionals dedicated full time to the support, maintain, update and constantly improve our Staking Pool LAT1. 

Jose Castro

CEO & Caradano evangelist

Jaime Posada

CTO and Cardano engineer enthusiast

4- Because we offer an affiliate program

We have created an affiliate program where we will share up to 30% of the cost (fixed and variable) that our delegators pay into our pool. If you join our affiliate program you will have the opportunity to passively receive ADA crypto, for each person you refer to our staking pool and who end up delegating their ADA to LAt1 (Latino Staking Pool). Click here for more information.  

Latino Staking Pool (LAT1) Real time Statistics