4 Eco-Friendly Cryptos You Should Know About

Looking for a green alternative to Bitcoin? Check out these environmentally friendly coins.

Long-Term Crypto Investors Should Have Cardano in Their Wallets

As Cardano becomes a growing hub for DeFi and DApps, ADA-USD could reach new highs

Fund 5 - Register to vote - All you need to know

This post is relevant to VOTER REGISTRATION. Voting will commence at the later stage per schedule below. I will keep updating this information as this rolls in to keep it up to date.

Basic concepts and fee explanation

The economic model established by Cardano’s Proof of Stake (POS) protocol, requires that there be systems with specific security and performance configurations, running the different levels of protocol software, connected and synchronized with the global Cardano network, 24 hours a day 365 days a year, keeping continuous updates.

The Cardano Minimum Attack Vector (And why you should care)?

The story of Cryptocurrencies is one of decentralization, we all know and praise decentralization as the ultimate force coming to change the fabric of society forever. But what is decentralization? Why is it important ? And how do we measure it ?