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To participate in our affiliate program, it is mandatory that both the affiliate and the referral register their delegated wallets to LATINO STAKING POOL (LATIN). By clicking on the button REGISTER WALLET.


If you have been referred by an affiliate to our program, you must first register your wallet using the REGISTER WALLET button, then you must add yourself as a referral having in advance the unique registration code of the person who has referred you.

To find out the details of your referrals and commissions epoch by epoch click on the following button. 

Cardano Latino - Latino Staking Pool (LATIN)

Affiliate Program
Basic concepts and fee explanation

The economic model established by Cardano’s Proof of Stake (POS) protocol, requires that there be systems with specific security and performance configurations, running the different levels of protocol software, connected and synchronized with the global Cardano network, 24 hours a day 365 days a year, keeping continuous updates. This implies a level of knowledge, commitment, investment, etc. on the part of the Staking Pool Operators. This is why delegating your ADAs to a Staking Pool, allows anyone to join the proof of stake protocol, without having to worry about all these difficulties.

Here are some fundamental concepts to understand the Cardano proof of stake:

  1. There are currently more than 2000 stakeholder groups in the Cardano network.
  2. Investors invest in ADAs and delegate to the pool of their trust.
  3. The economy of rewards and fees within the Cardano network is accumulated, calculated and paid every 5 days. This period of time is known in the Cardano world as "epoch".
  4. By delegating your ADAs to a staking pool, you are helping Cardano's network security and therefore the system offers you incentives that represent a growth in your number of ADAs (Staking) of approximately 5% per year. These are the rewards you will receive for each epoch in which the staking pool you are delegating to makes at least 1 block.
  5. Each delegate contributes, according to the size of his stake compared to the total ADAs delegated to the pool, with the fees the protocol automatically pays to the operator of the Staking Pool. These fees cover the operating costs of the pool and the remuneration for the work, dedication and effort to produce the assigned blocks.

These fees are:

  1. Fixed fee to cover pool operating costs. At this time the protocol requires a minimum of 340 ADAs per epoch. Most operators, including Latino Staking Pool (LATIN), charge this minimum.
  2. Variable fee. This fee is in a range between 0% and 100%. The current average (as of January 2021) is 7.34%. You have to be careful as this percentage can be easily changed at any time by the pool operators. There are some unscrupulous operators who have started with 0% to attract delegators but suddenly and without warning they change this percentage to 100% or to a very high percentage leaving delegators with few or no rewards.

The entities that develop Cardano do not recommend pools that do not charge a variable fee or charge extremely low fees, since they consider that this reflects a model that is not sustainable over time or that the pool is potentially managed in an unprofessional manner with minimal equipment or resources which potentially do not provide delegators with optimal rewards.

At Latino Staking Pool (LATIN) we decided from the beginning to establish this rate at 3.8% which is very competitive and allows us to have enough margin to be able to share part of these fees with our delegators, through our affiliate program. The more ADAs you delegate to Latino Staking Pool (LATIN) and the more referrals you add to our affiliate program, the more you will reduce the fees and eventually eliminate them completely and you will even receive commissions from our program greater than the fees calculated by the protocol, in effect receiving additional passive ADAs due to referrals.

The purpose of our affiliate program is to encourage our delegators to share with their groups of influence (family and friends), the opportunity that Cardano represents and thus, in addition to benefiting financially from this investment, help this great project to reach sooner one of its missions to become the world's financial operating system in the not too distant future.

Rewards and fees example of Staking in Cardano

For epoch 251 in which Latino Staking Pool (LATIN) made 3 blocks, Cardano's protocol granted 2627 ADAs to our pool. The rewards and fees for delegates are automatically calculated by the protocol as follows:

  • The fixed rate (340) is subtracted, which covers the pool's operating costs:

    2627 - 340 = 2287.

  • The variable rate is calculated and subtracted from the remaining balance, in order to find the total number of ADAs to be distributed as a percentage among all the delegates of the Staking Pool:
% Variable Fees in ADAs Balance
3.8% 2287 * .038 = 86.906 2287 - 86.906 = 2200.09

Table 1


  • The total ADAs are calculated and distributed for the pool operator:

    340 + 86.906 = 426.906

  • The remaining 2,200,094 ADAs are distributed as a percentage among all delegates in the group. This is done by calculating the participation percentage of each delegate compared to the total ADAs delegated to the Staking Pool.

In this way, in effect, each delegate is contributing as a percentage to the payment of the pool fees. Basically, the delegators with the highest percentage of participation in the pool receive the highest reward but also contribute more with the fees and in contrast, the ones with the least participation receive less reward but contribute less with the fees.