As explained in this video we have recently decided to cancel our affiliate program mainly due to two reasons:

1- Despite the fact that the percentages offered by this program fluctuate between 10% and 30%, for the vast majority of our delegates the incentives produced by this program are too low. This becomes more evident the more ADAs are delegated to our pool.

2- We have noticed that the average variable margin costs charged by pool operators has decreased considerably to 2.4% at this time. To stay as competitive as possible it is necessary to adjust this rate and by eliminating the affiliate program we can do it.

So starting from epoch 271 our variable rate will drop from 3.8% to 1.98%. In this way all our delegates will benefit by paying significantly less to the pool.

The commissions of all our affiliates will be accumulated and will be paid until epoch 269 which will be paid by the protocol tomorrow June 9 2021 at the end of epoch 270. We will leave our affiliate page operational for a while to allow anyone who has not registered their wallets and those of their referrals, to do so in order to pay them any commissions to which they are entitled.


To participate in our affiliate program, it is essential that only once, both the affiliate and the referral, register their delegated wallets to LATINO STAKING POOL (LATIN), by clicking on the REGISTER WALLET button.


Having been referred to our program, you must register your wallet using the REGISTER WALLET button, as long as the affiliate who referred you has not done so. You must add yourself as a referral, entering your unique affiliate code and that of the person who referred you, clicking on the ADD REFERRAL button.

To find out the details of your referrals and commissions epoch by epoch click on the following button.