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Latino Staking Pool is identified by the ticker LATIN. We are a competitive staking pool infrastructure, deployed in the Cardano ecosystem. The Pool is operated by our company Cardano Latino LLC, which has been established in the state of Wyoming, USA. We are a family business that originated from the time of the Incentivized Testnet (ITN), continued during the Haskell Testnet (HTN) and now throughout the Shelley era and beyond, all with the purpose of offering our delegates an efficient and lucrative Staking Pool. We guarantee the effectiveness of our operation through the four components outlined below.

LATIN is truly committed to supporting Cardano’s decentralization. We are proud members of the Single Pool Alliance (SPA) where SPOs are committed to running only 1 pool. We rely on 3 highly secured, permanently monitored servers located in Europe. We offer very competitive fees and pledge, highest transparent performance and on demand delegator support.


Real time Statistics

Latino Staking Pool (LATIN)


  • Operational redundancy: The hardware, software, and communications are in accordance with 99.99 uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement) offered by our virtual server provider on which we operate.


  • Geographic redundancy: Achieved by distributing our servers in 4 computer centers located in 4 different cities throughout Europe.
  • We operate our pool under the best security recommendations offered by IOHK and the group of pool operators.


  • Block producer node redundancy: With a  backup. It is ready to be used when necessary in order to maintain 100% connectivity and operation.
  • 3 servers in total in 3 different cities, 2 relays connected to the network and a block producer node with a backup  in case of emergency.


  • Operator redundancy: With technically trained IT professionals working full time to offer technical support, maintenance, updates and improvement of the nodes.

Why delegate to LATIN?

We are as transparent as possible

Staking pool operators can choose to report their performance statistics to PoolTool.io. As of February 2021, 18% of pool operators have reported their data. 

We are amongst the few who provide this transparency to our delegators and potential future delegators. Height is an important indicator to monitor because it displays whether or not the pool is synchronized with the Cardano network. Only synchronized pools can produce the blocks assigned by the protocol. On pooltool.io when the Height field displays green, it means that pool is synchronized. 

This can be confirmed by referencing the Assigned Performance percentage. LATIN has been able to maintain a 100% Assigned Performance. (90% or better is preferable)

We are competitive

We have configured a quality network of 3 servers, in a world-class virtual server provider (in Europe), with block producer backup redundancy. We utilize monitoring and alarm systems (Grafana and Prometheus), while following best networking and security recommendations from the Cardano Staking Pool operator community and IOG. We have IT professionals working full time to ensure absolute maintenance of our pool. We are truly committed to running a competitive Staking Pool within the Cardano ecosystem.

Our fixed fee is the minimum possible of 340.

We are currently running a promotion of the variable fees at 0%. Once we get our delegation to higher levels we should increase it a little but we will always be as competitive as possible.  

We are a team

During the ITN (Incentivized Testnet) LAT1 now LATIN was launched by CEO, Jose Castro. The ITN experience drove the mission to offer redundancy in every way possible. Cardano Latino guarantees an effective and permanent service backed by IT professionals dedicated full time to support, maintain, and grow our Latino Staking Pool (LATIN).

Jose Castro

CEO & Cardano Latino Founder


Jaime Posada

Technical Manager & Cardano Engineer



Email admin@cardanolatino.com