join our affiliate program

Reason # 1

earn ADA  


If you join our affiliate program you will have the opportunity to receive ADA passively, for each person you refer to our pool and  they start staking with LATIN (Latino Staking Pool). As long as they stake with us and they receive staking rewards from their staking, we will share up to 30% of the fees we receive from your affiliates to you. 

Reason # 2

free and easy to register

The registration process is free and very easy.  Just click in the "GET INFORMATION" bottom below and we will send you an email with additional information of the affiliate program. If you agree with the simple terms of our program and confirm to us your intention to join our program, we will provide you with your ID # which will uniquely identify you as our affiliate. This ID number will be used to link all of your future referrals. 

Reason # 3

anyone can 


You don't need to delegate ADA to us in order to refer people to our staking pool. Simply, your affiliate commissions will be better if you delegate ADA to us. The more ADA you delegate to us the better your commission percentage.

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