join our affiliate program

Reason # 1

    earn ADA    PASSIVELY

If you join our affiliate program you will have the opportunity to receive ADA passively as commission for each person you refer to us as long as they delegate their ADA to us.

Reason # 2

free and EASY to register

The affiliate registration process is free and very simple. There is no risk to join the program. The worse thing that can happen is that none of your referrals delegate ADA to our staking pools and you don't earn ADA. On the contrary the  best thing that can happen is that you can cover our variable cost fees (3.8%) and you can earn additional ADA every epoch if the amount of ADA delegated to us by your referrals is large enough. 

Reason # 3

      anyone can     join

Anyone can join our affiliate program. You do not have to  be delagating to our staking pool in order for you to join. However, our delegators will be able to earn a considerable higher commission percentage than someone who has not delegated.

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